Thursday, 17 November 2016

Windows 10 - How To Open A Second Or Third Desktop Tile

Windows 10 - How To Open A Second Or Third Desktop Tile

Open a second or third desktop that avoids your screen from getting crowded with too many open windows. Opening another desktop is like having another computer screen! 
The way explained here is to stay organized in your work and reduce clutters of the screen. So, you may open the files that related to one project on one desktop then open another files related to second project on another desktop and so on. 
Following steps will guide you to open another desktop(s) on your screen.
1.     Just click over Task View button from task bar or press Windows key + Tab or swipe from the left edge of the screen. Now thumbnails for the open windows will be appeared with New Desktop button at below right of the screen and desktop tiles named as Desktop 1, Desktop 2 as well. 
2.     Note that Desktop 1 will be the first tile, where you’ve run (and kept) the applications and files, already.   If you want to open (and work on) Desktop 2 (tile), then click on it to open and work with your applications or files.     
3.      If you want to work on a new desktop then click New Desktop button. From there you can open the applications and files, again.
4.     If you want to return Desktop 1 (tile), click again on Task View button then choose Desktop 1.
5.     To close a desktop tile, just move the cursor or your finger on the desired desktop, and click or tap when the Close button appears. Closing a desktop tile means, all of its open applications or files will be moved to their original location of the system.

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